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The EasyLife Nasal Cushion CPAP Mask uses its patented Auto Seal technology to ensure your patients get a secure, comfortable seal with minimal effort. Using two pillows, one for the seal and one for stability, the EasyLife can be quickly adjusted to get the perfect fit.

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EasyLife with Auto Seal – exclusive technology that changes the game.

The EasyLife Nasal Cushion CPAP Mask is innovative, lightweight design delivers Auto Seal technology, a set of features intended to make EasyLife your favourite mask for set-up and titration. EasyLife’s unique dual-cushion construction features a soft inner cushion that creates a flexible, self-adjusting seal around the nose, while the supportive outer cushion comfortably provides an additional level of stability.

Cosmetically pleasing headgear straps, with optional easy-to-use clips, make fitting as easy as possible for you and your patients. The addition of the petite size helps you to fit 100% of your patients 100% of the time. EasyLife with Auto Seal is designed for a better seal and a better fit that may help patients get a better night’s sleep. It’s truly a winning combination.


The EasyLife’s unique inner seal cushion moves with the patient to automatically extend over the nasal area and instantly create an effective, self-adjusting seal.


The outer support cushion allows the mask to rest lightly and comfortably against the face. The cushion’s built-in forehead pad adjusts automatically, eliminating a traditional fitting step.


Combined, the Auto Seal features make the EasyLife Philips Respironics’ most intuitive mask; one that is easy to fit and easy to use, requiring minimal adjustments.

  • • Only four parts: mask frame, headgear, outer support cushion, inner seal cushion.
  • • Forehead pad adjusts automatically – eliminating a traditional fitting step – and requires minimal headgear force.
  • • Angled exhalation micro ports make operation quieter and redirect air away from bed partner.
  • • Optional clips are included making it easy to remove the mask and keep the same fit night after night.
  • • Headgear has inlaid adjustable straps that converge into a single back panel with a crown strap for added stability.